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This release of the code includes some changes that require manual attention. Brefily, they are:

  • Change collector's upload-prep cron job.
  • Add new dataset to collector's dsc.conf.
  • Relocate presenter's ".dat" files.


The collector now stores to-be-uploaded XML files in date-named subdirectories. This reduces filesystem pressure in the event that the collector cannot communicate with the presenter for an extended period of time.

To accomodate this change, the upload-prep.sh script has been replaced with a Perl version, named upload-prep.pl. After installing DSC you should change your cron job to use the new script. For example:

* * * * * /usr/local/dsc/libexec/upload-prep.pl

New dataset

A new dataset has been defined that will show how many queries are received over IPv4 compared to IPv6. Add this line to dsc.conf on your collector:

dataset dns_ip_version_vs_qtype dns IPVersion:dns_ip_version Qtype:qtype queries-only;

relocate .dat files

The location of the presenter's ".dat" files has changed. Previously there were stored in a directory such as 20080109/qtype/qtype.dat and now they will be moved one directory up and stored as 20080109/qtype.dat.

The source distribution includes a script found at presenter/grapher/update-dat-file-locations.sh that will traverse the /usr/local/dsc/data directory and move all the .dat files one level up.

When upgrading to this version of DSC you should first stop the refile-and-grok.sh cron job, install the DSC software, and then run the update-dat-file-locations.sh script (after reviewing it). For example:

# crontab -e
(comment out the refile-and-grok.sh job)

# cd /tmp/dsc-200801301758/presenter
# make all install

# view /tmp/dsc-200801301758/presenter/grapher/update-dat-file-locations.sh
# sh /tmp/dsc-200801301758/presenter/grapher/update-dat-file-locations.sh
(this may take some time depending on how much data you have)

# crontab -e
(enable the refile-and-grok.sh job)