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The Measurement Factory offers the following tools for analyzing DNS traffic:


A curses-based application that displays various tables of DNS statistics


Our DNS Statistics Collector is designed to collect and aggregate statistics from busy authoritative servers, such as those used by TLD and root server operators.


A Perl script that dumps DNS messages contents to stdout, in the spirit of tcpdump, but with customizable output.

Traffic Gist

A network traffic statistics collection tool. Gist can collect statistics about live traffic and do postmortem packet capture analysis. Currently supported protocols are DNS and DHCP. Maintained at Launchpad.

open resolver test

Our Open Resolver Test is an online tool that tests for the presence of open DNS resolvers.

Nagios Plugins

Our plugins for Nagios can help you monitor your DNS nameservers.

Third-party Validation Tools

Links to tools developed by others that may be helpful in tracking down DNS configuration problems.

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