Here are available eCAP adapters (that we know about):

Adapter Function Owner License REQ RESP Block Mod Acc Trick URI

Strips EXIF and other metadata.

Maksym Polshcha GPL yes maybe no yes yes no ...

Content filtering using ClamAV(R) antivirus engine.

The Measurement Factory GPL yes yes yes no yes yes ...

Table legend:

  • Adapter: eCAP adapter name linked to the primary adapter web site.
  • Function: A brief description of the adapter primary functionality.
  • Owner: An individual or organization that owns the adapter.
  • License: Adapter distribution terms.
  • REQ[MOD]: Whether the adapter acts on HTTP requests. A yes+ answer indicates that the adapter also supports request satisfaction (i.e., the adapter may answer with a response message while looking at a virgin request message). Request blocking is not considered request satisfaction in this context.
  • RESP[MOD]: Whether the adapter acts on HTTP responses.
  • Block[ing]: Whether the adapter blocks (denies access to) some messages.
  • Mod[ifying]: Whether the adapter modifies or alters some messages. Blocking and request satisfaction are not considered message modification in this context.
  • Acc[umulating]: Whether the adapter has to accumulate the whole message before providing the final adaptation answer to the host application.
  • Trick[ling]: Whether the adapter is capable of sending small portions of the message to the host application, to keep the otherwise idle HTTP connections open and to prevent browser timeouts.
  • [Service] URI: The eCAP service URI that should be used when configuring the host application. Your browser cannot follow these URIs (they are not URLs) but you can right-click the "..." ellipsis to copy the URI characters.

A maybe answer indicates that a given feature may work but may not have been sufficiently tested (or tested at all!), may not be supported, etc.

All information is provided by the corresponding adapter owners and has not been verified by the eCAP Project. Please contact adapter owners for details. To report inaccuracies or to add your adapter, please contact support.